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Resetter Epson Stylus T10-T11

These are step by step to reset Waste Ink Counter Pad Epson T11:
1.Download Software Resetter Printer Epson Stylus T11.
2. Ekstract resetter Epson T11.
3. Turn on Printer.
4. Do file AdjProg.exe and klik Accept.
5. Choose Particular adjustment mode.
6. Continue by choose Waste Ink pad Counter and then click OK.
7. Click Check button, to read Waste Ink Counter Pad, and wait till read process finish.
8. Click Initialization to reset waste ink counter pad to 0 and click Finish.
9. Turn off printer, wait a moment, then turn on printer.
10. Wait till printer calibration process finish, and printer be normally.
11. Continue with Test Page Printer.

 Before use Software Resetter Epson Stylus T11, Download Resetter


  1. Hello
    It is working.Thanks for this information.
    It helped me a lot to reset my printer.
    ink pad reset